June 27, 2018

History of The Ebenezer House- the rest of the story

Posted by: Alan Webb

History of The Ebenezer House- the rest of the story

The history of the Building; the original part of our Bed and Breakfast was built in 1901, of Cedar, harvested nearby. On land in the County of Culpepper and the State of Virginia bought by the Clarkson Tabernacle Committee appointed by Mt. Airley Methodist Church in 1897. For the sum of five dollars’ cash in hand and the following personal property; One bay horse called Tom, one McCormick Binder, one McCormick Mower, one Bickford and Huffman Drill and one Studebaker wagon. The land was transferred to The Ebenezer Methodist Church. That land today is in the town of Culpeper along RT 29. 

Original Abandoned Methodist Church cer.1980

At some point in time, the named changed from Mt. Airley to The Ebenezer Church. Having been used for many years, many of the resident's of Culpeper had been Baptized, Married then Buried there. The graves were moved to make room for the expansion of RT 29 but the building still needed to be moved.

A local Madison Country resident had been driving by the building and need a place to do his custom furniture and cabinet building in so in 1983 he bid on the salvage rights on the Church and won the bid for $500.00. He is Richard Gordon and is still building fine custom furniture in Mt Wolf VA just a few miles away, you can see his and Ninika's work at At about the same time he was driving by the land were the Ebenezer House is now located on his way to work, it was for sale by owner and his offer was accepted by the owner so now he had a place to put the building. Now he didn't just move the building; he disassembled it board by board, and reassembled it here in Madison. He added a second floor and two dormers to make room for his family to live upstairs and the first floor is where he did his woodworking. 



Richard and Ninika outgrew the building, they found a larger better suited one in  Wolf Town VA just a few miles away. Meanwhile, Doris McIntosh Webb just returning from a trip through Scotland and having stayed in Bed and Breakfasts the whole trip and loving it, wanted to open one herself. Her daughter Amy was living in the Charlottesville area so she looked here. In 2001 she found Richards House and it fit her antique furniture. Once moved she opened the Ebenezer House Bed and Breakfast. The building required a few upgrades to function as a B&B. She added a deck on the South side and a patio on the East side. Two sets of French Doors on the Southside. 


In 2007 her son (Alan) moved to Charlottesville and added a 2700sf addition, doubling the size of the building. It was designed to imitate as closely as possible the original design.

The Ebenezer House today

Most of the antique furniture in our B&B has a history also, and we know it all. From family heirlooms to Empire Furniture from  the Robber Barons Era of the 19th century in early Industrial Pittsburgh PA,  but more on that in another 


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