Ebenezer House
Bed and Breakfast

In Madison, Virginia

Rooms & Rates

Our Rooms & Rates

Did you know that the Ebenezer House is one of the nine inns The Montpelier Foundation recommends to their visitors to stay? Ebenezer House Bed & Breakfast has four lovely appointed rooms. Just like our building, most of the antiques in the rooms have a history too, hence the room names. The Burke Room's furniture came from the Burke Estate in West Virginia, the McIntosh Estate's furniture from Western Pennsylvania is in The McIntosh Room, and The Mellon Room's furniture are from the Mellon Estate originating from Pittsburgh.

The rates shown are our standard rates. Please visit our Reservation Page for our current rates. Rates may change (up or down) based on seasonal and day of the week demands.

Virginia sales tax of 5.3% and 5% local tax will be added to all lodging.